Performance-focused vocal analytics and coaching

Immediate, noticeable improvement thanks to our state-of-the-art environment and tools. 

Our vocal approach is very different from traditional vocal coaching. Our sessions are performed and recorded in a professional recording studio and based around improving specific song performances. You can provide the backing tracks, or tell us the song and we will provide professional backing tracks.

Vocal analytics coaching in a professional production studio provides you with a number of benefits and tools typically unavailable:   

  • Vocal analysis tools allow us to measure, analyze, and visually show pitch and timing performance along with opportunities for improvement.
  • Video recording of the entire session, complete with CD quality audio, screen-shares of vocal analysis, and camera angles (if desired). Review your performances and practice at home.
  • Video live-stream link available (private or public) if you’d like to provide access to watch and listen to the session in realtime.
  • Studio-grade equipment, sound, and acoustics
  • Equipment and technique coaching – beyond just learning your instrument technique, we coach you on how to record at home and develop the artist, not just the voice.
Recurring weekly and monthly appointments available!
We take stringent Covid-19 / health precautions including UV sanitizing microphones between sessions, and we have the best air filtration and sanitization system of any recording studio in the area. We do currently ask that all participants be fully vaccinated for in-person sessions. We are able to offer remote connection to our studio from anywhere in the world if you would prefer.