Andrew Eade began in his UK bedroom. Learning, writing, recording, and perfecting. 30+ years later the process is still the same, only the rooms, tools and instruments have changed.

Embracing this background and how so many artists develop their craft, is at the center of Creative Underground’s DNA. We work with, and support your creative process, rather than asking you to follow ours.

Along with his musical and production skills, Andrew is technically gifted, and has over 20 years experience in the corporate world; managing complex projects and coaching and teaching others. In his spare time he likes to spend time with his children and coaches local youth hockey.

  • 30 Years experience in bands, touring, and live performance
  • Music Producer
  • Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer
  • Live Production Engineer
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Sound Designer
  • Multi-instramentalist
  • Acoustic Designer / Engineer
  • Soundproofing Guru
  • Electronics and Instrument Repair
  • Web Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Project Management Expert
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt (Process Optimization)
  • Background screened and certified