State of the art, fully-equipped recording studio with video recording and live-streaming capability

The Creative Underground studio is perfectly equipped for your next recording project. It features 4 acoustically isolated spaces;

The live room, which is fully equipped with our Mapex Orion drum kit, and a selection of guitar amplifiers.

The vocal room, which is perfect for voiceover and other isolation needs.

The Control Room, which features our 32 channel digital mixing console – able to communicate with each of our other rooms. With its’ “Reflection Free Zone” and perfectly tailored acoustics, it’s the perfect listening environment.

We also have one additional isolation booth which is ideal for amplifier or other instrument isolation.

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Listen to projects recorded, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Eade at Creative Underground with our media player below. Note that these are heavily compressed MP3 files. If you’d prefer a high definition demo, come visit us for a studio tour.

  •     Modern Prometheus by Eric Fuentes
  •     All Shakes Out by Doug Roberts
  •     One of these days by Heather Mae
  •     Cool kids by Doug Roberts
  •     Incomplete by Dont Panic
  •     Hollow by Moaz
  •     Lifestyle by SGE Bossman
  •     Alone by Supreme
  •     Custom Music Creation
  •     Juke by Doug Roberts
  •     Find a Way by Xafran
  •     CD or cassette by Sam Solar
  •     Everyday by Dont Panic
  •     Overdue by Doug Roberts