Advanced Music Producers Workshop (recommended minimum Age 15)

This workshop exposes students to professional digital audio workstation software and teaches them the recording and mixing techniques of world-class producers and engineers.

It is recommended that students have knowledge of a musical instrument to participate. Students will need access to recent laptop or desktop computer, and will need to own, or purchase an audio interface in order to fully participate in the class.

We recommend either –

A) The Samson G-Track Pro microphone / audio interface (currently $129). This device is recommended for singers and musicians looking to record a mono source instrument (e.g. electric guitar). It allows simultaneous recording of both a microphone source, and a line input source. I.e. A singing guitarist could record both vocals and electric guitar simultaneously.

B) The Behringer UMC404HD 4 channel audio interface (Currently $178). This device is recommended for musicians and producers looking to record up to 4 instruments simultaneously (e.g. Stereo Synthesizer or electric piano). It allows input of both line and microphone devices. Singers may wish to additionally purchase a microphone.

If a student already owns a supported audio interface, or has specific needs beyond the above two devices capabilities, we can help advise the optimal setup use it for the workshop without need for purchasing the above devices.